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Senators Concealing Facts On Halal Certification Schemes

3 December 2015

Following the Economics Reference Committee tabled report from the Third Party Certification of food inquiry, ALA's Senate Candidate for NSW and Director of HalalChoices, Mrs Kirralie Smith asks "Why are members of the Australian Senate concealing facts? The government must investigate the evidence that Islamic charities finance extremists."

Mrs Smith draws attention to the 2010 Austrac reports, together with the Australian Institute of Criminology, who state - Islamic charities are one of the three main conduits for funding extremism/ terrorism. "Charities such as Human Appeal International have proven links to Hamas and Hezbollah." Mrs Smith said.

She welcomed the inquiry, however, Mrs Smith is concerned the report is misleading and believes the Senators responsible be held to account for inaccurate and deceptive statements. "To claim that Australian consumers are not forced to engage with a religious ritual when they purchase halal certified goods is ludicrous and an insult to Australians," she said. "Halal certified meat is slaughtered by a pious, devout Muslim male, the animal faces Mecca, a prayer and the name of the Islamic deity is invoked. It is a religious ritual."

NSW Senate Candidate Mrs Smith said "Recommendations do not go far enough. The Australian Liberty Alliance proposes mandatory labelling of all goods and services from religiously certified suppliers, a 'User Pays' system for religious certification and an end to workplace discrimination against women and non-Muslims. Australian have the right to make an informed choice on their grocery purchases, not be subjugated to unwanted religious impositions, and to be protected from discrimination."